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Blackstone Area Bus
Serving Our Community Since 2003

Blackstone Area Bus System (BABS) and Piedmont Area Transit (PAT) carried more than 30,000 passengers in 2008- a record for BABS/PAT, which provides public transportation for the residents of Blackstone, Nottoway, Amelia, Buckingham, Cumberland, Prince Edward, Brunswick and Lunenburg.

Ridership in 2008 surpassed 30,000, a 19% increase over the 25, 000 passengers carried in 2007. Factors for the increase include high fuel costs and the economy crumbling.

Ridership Comparison Chart

Public transportation is vital in Southside Virginia as many people rely on it as their only form of transportation to doctor’s appointments, work, and health care. For every $1 a community spends on public transportation, $3 is generated throughout the community.

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